Building the best team requires the best people. TeamBuilders works in partnership with our client companies as well as our job seekers to identify and employ the best match for each company and each individual. We do this by identifying and understanding the needs and goals of those we serve.

When you choose to work with TeamBuilders, you are securing more than 20 years of experience and contacts within the Fresno area job market. To us, matching goals and personalities matters just as much as experience and qualifications. Additionally, you will always receive personal and supportive service.


We realize you have many choices when selecting a recruiting firm. TeamBuilders believes that building solid relationships is one of the most important components of our business. We promise to build that relationship with you through honesty, integrity, respect, accountability, understanding, diversity, reliability, commitment and trust.

The Central Valley has so much to offer and we feel we couldn’t be located in a better place. Every industry is represented in the Valley, and that allows us to serve a wider range of people and businesses. Not to mention we are only forty-five minutes from the gorgeous Sierra Nevada  Mountains, an hour and a half from the beautiful California Coast and right in the heart of a thriving agricultural and industrial hub that supplies the world with the natural resources and goods of the Central Valley.

TeamBuilders Founder & President

Aimee  Anderson comes with more than 20 years of experience in the local staffing market. She has assisted over 1,000 job seekers in finding great long-term careers. She has also been instrumental to more than 100 companies in the Fresno area in finding the most qualified employees for their organizations. Aimee enjoys working with people and getting to truly understand their needs, thus producing great results for her clients and applicants. She possesses a true passion for building life-long relationships, and that passion shines through in how she interacts with others.


Aimee has a great knowledge of staffing within multiple industries including agriculture, accounting, legal, insurance, manufacturing and food processing. Prior to working in the staffing industry, Aimee worked as an Event Planner for 7 years in Portland, Oregon where she successfully coordinated more than 2,000 events including weddings, corporate functions, speaking engagements and training seminars. With her combined experience in staffing and event planning, Aimee has the ability to focus on the  big picture while honing in on the smallest of details making her an asset to those conducting business with her.

Most importantly, THIS IS REALLY ALL ABOUT YOU so enough about us!
We’d love to hear from you and learn how we may serve you in achieving your employment goals.